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Coral Bay - Boating


For boat owners there is a boat launching facility available to the South of Coral Bay townsite. There are two concrete boat ramps with jetty access for launching and retrieving boats. This boat ramp is able to be used at any tide level. (You might get your feet wet at high tide).

Coral Bay boat ramp

Coral Bay boat ramp

There are two paths to take once you have launched your boat. You can follow the channel markers to the North so you can go outside the reef at North Passage or access Batemans Bay/Mauds Landing beach. The southern exit from the reef is a riskier option and only very experienced boaters should traverse South Passage after checking sea state, tide and weather conditions.

Boat launching Coral Bay

Many boaters prefer to stay within the reef and anchor up in sand patches near to the Coral Reef and spend the day inside the reef snorkelling amoungst the extensive coral gardens that cover much of the ocean near Coral Bay.

The ocean can and has taken lives here in the past - Make sure you have full safety equipment, water and the ability to tackle any trip you plan. Always log on with Coral Bay Sea Rescue when boating in the Coral Bay area.

Sea rescue Coral Bay Western Australia

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