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Coral Bay


Coral Bay in Western Australia is located directly on the famous Ningaloo Reef. This is a Snorkellers paradise with vast areas of protected coral gardens and amazing drop off and bommies on the outer reef.

Much of the reef in Coral Bay is less than one Kilometre from the shore so you do not require a boat to view the coral.

coral bay snorkelling on coral reef

You can easily snorkel from the main beach in the bay and you are right there amongst the beautiful coral and tropical fish that fill the bay. The calm water of the main bay is protected from the ocean swell by the fringing Ningaloo Reef.

You can hire all your snorkelling gear from tour operators in Coral Bay. If you are planning to stay for more than a few days or plan also to explore the Ningaloo Reef near Exmouth we recommend you consider purchasing your snorkelling gear to enable to you fully appreciate the experience of snorkelling the coral reef. Local and Perth dive shops can supply all you require. It is recommended to purchase quality masks that are manufactured with 'silicone' and not 'silitex'. (The silitex ones do not last as long and can be easily affected by sun & heat). The silicone ones will last for very long time if looked after.

Snorkle Coral Bay

Some Snorkelling tips:


  • Get the best possible advice and instruction you can.
  • Always swim in pairs or small group and stay together.
  • Remember the sunscreen and rashie shirt to protect you from the sun.
  • Practice snorkeling skills away from the reef.
  • Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water before heading out.
  • Make sure your equipment fits properly before you snorkel near corals—it can be very difficult to adjust in the water.
  • Learn all you can about coral reefs—they are fascinating and fragile environments.

Never touch corals; even slight contact can harm them. Some corals can sting or cut you.

  • Select points of entry and exit to avoid walking on corals.
  • Be observant of any boats - keen any eye on the tour boats that are also viewing the reef.
  • Maintain a comfortable distance from the reef, so that you’re certain you can avoid contact.
  • Know where your fins are at all times and don’t kick up sand.
  • Stay horizontal in the water while you’re near or above the reef.
  • Learn to swim without using yours arms.
  • Move slowly and deliberately in the water—relax and take your time.
  • Remember, look but don't touch.

When snorkeling the real way to enjoy the beauty of the reef is to slow down, relax and watch as reef creatures go about their daily lives undisturbed.

Coral Reef - Ningaloo Marine Park Western Australia

Read the information available from the Department of Environment and Conservation before travelling to Coral Bay or Ningaloo Reef.

Coral Bay marine park info


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